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Central Committee


The County Republican Central Committee is the grassroots of the political party organization. Precinct Committeemen are elected directly by Republican voters in each precinct every four years and represent these voters on the County Central Committee.


Central Committee Members


Jane Roland
Central Committee Chair

Phil Leibolt
Central Committee Vice-Chair

Cindy Funk
Central Committee Treasurer

Karen DeSanto Kellog
Central Committee Secretary


Executive Committee


The County Republican Executive Committee is the grassroots of the political party that sets policy and the day to day activities. Officers are elected by the Central Committee. Executive Committee members consist of elected and appointed Central Committee members, County Republican elected officials, past County Republican elected officials and those persons who have significantly supported the Party with their financial and personal involvement and who are recommended by the Central or Executive Committee Chair.


Executive Committee Officers


Chris Tunnell
Executive Committee Chair

Barb Queer
Executive Committee Vice-Chair

Sandra Tunnell
Executive Committee Secretary

Cindy Funk
Executive Committee Treasurer